MTT-S Booth 1710

µWave Wizard™ EM CAD tool.

At this year's IEEE MTT-S in Anaheim, CA, USA, Mician GmbH from Bremen, Germany will be presenting the latest release of their µWave Wizard™ EM CAD tool. Improvements with this release are several new features for existing elements as well as new elements that offer advanced designs of more kinds of lowpass filters or corrugated coax horn antennas.

µWave Wizard™ offers numerous features such as fast frequency sweep based on adaptive rational function interpolation and 64 bit capability (including multi-processor capabilities). The latest release will be demonstrated at the Mician booth 1710 at the International Microwave Symposium in Anaheim, CA, USA, from May 25 through May 27, 2010.

About µWave Wizard™
µWave Wizard™ is a design tool using the fast and accurate mode-matching technique. The method is particularly suitable for simulation and optimization of passive microwave systems and components, including antennas. The mode matching method (MM) and its derivatives (i.e. the fast hybrid MM/boundary contour and the MM/2D-finite-element method) is the only method capable of simultaneously offering fastest processing speed and highest accuracy. Yet, a 3D FEM solver on element level is available within the µWave Wizard™ for structures with very complex geometries or with features not feasible to be implemented in MM.

Typical applications for µWave Wizard™ are complex passive waveguide components and structures like waveguide and comb line filters, multiplexers, couplers, tapers, horn antennas and cluster feeds, OMTs, polarizers, etc.