RFHIC introduces high efficiency GaN pallet Amp. New GaN solution for LTE/WCDMA RRH with variable output power optimized for DPD interlocking.

RFHIC Corporation, manufacturer of active RF and MW components and hybrids with a heavy focus on GaN technology, has released a GaN pallet amplifier for LTE/WCDMA RRH system, RTP-21010. This amplifier, when combined with DPD, produces over 40% efficiency at whole frequency bands of 2100 MHz to 2180 MHz, 45 dB gain and 10 W at LTE/WCDMA 4-channel at 28 V. This amplifier has been developed based on internally matched GaN on SiC device and Doherty technology.

RTP-21010 has built-in DC/DC function, isolator, coupler, thermo pad and connectors all within 2.4 in(w) x 4.5 in(L) x 0.86 in(H) physical size. This small amplifier produces different output power according to input voltage, 10 W @ 28 V, 16 W @ 36 V, 20 W @ 47 V.

Dr. Samuel Cho, Chief Technical Officer, RFHIC Corporation, commented: "The Doherty amplifiers based on LDMOS showing irregular efficiency at 80MHz bandwidth have to have various models that correspond various systems due to different requirement on ACPR when power level is lower than 10. Besides, LDMOS have low efficiency about 20% - 24% even with DPD interlocking and the size is big. However, RTP-21010 is free from all above problems LDMOS solutions are facing." And he added: "The barrier to telecommunication market for GaN has been always the cost. RFHIC has endeavored to cut down the cost of GaN amplifier by taking almost all the processes in RFHIC for GaN transistor with die supplied by Cree, and using most of RF components for a pallet from RFHIC. Cost reduction enables GaN solution available for telecom application RRH, and small size of devices and heat-sink attributes to highly improved efficiency.

The RTP-21010 is applicable to RRH, BTS and Repeater with 80MHz bandwidth coverage and various outputs from 35 to 40 dBm under condition of LTE/WCDMA 1 channel to 6 channels.