Modeling in RF, microwave and optical engineering requires resolving the scale of the transmitting device while capturing effects many orders of magnitude greater. The RF Module offers you the tools to meet this challenge, including the best solvers available. As a result, you can easily model antennas, waveguides, microwave and optical components.

The RF Module supports ECAD import via the ODB++ format. This way printed circuit board (PCB) designs can easily be imported and analyzed. The RF Module completes the modeling experience by providing advanced postprocessing features such as S-parameter computation and far-field analysis. Taken together with COMSOL’s unsurpassed ability to couple to other physics, you have the industry’s leading multiphysics solution for electromagnetic waves.

Application Examples
• Antennas, waveguides and cavities
• Bloch/Floquet periodic arrays and structures
• Circulators and directional couplers
• Heat generation in plasmonics
• High speed interconnects
• Metamaterials
• Microwave and RF heating
• Microwave cancer therapy
• Microwave devices
• Microwave sintering
• Oil exploration / sea bed logging
• Scattered field formulation for RCS and scattering problems
• S-parameter analyses of antennas
• Stress-optical effects in waveguides and photonics
• Thermo-structural effects in antennas and waveguides
• Tissue heating from cell phones
• Transmission lines