The RT Logic Telemetrix® 400XR (T400XR) is a modular, software-defined modulator, receiver, and digital processing unit. The systems flexible architecture allows the T400XR to support many different mission configurations. Software-defined waveform processing allows the T400XR to be used as a replacement for legacy receiver models or for new applications. Multi-channel configurations enable capabilities such as diversity combination or multiple simultaneous downlinks and uplinks. The unit is also available in an economical one-channel configuration. External interfaces include RF, 70 MHz IF, baseband, command and telemetry data, and Ethernet control.

The T400XR is well suited for satellite ground station and satellite test applications. The standard packaging is a 2U high, 19 rack-mount unit capable of hosting multiple downconverters, upconverters, and modulators/demodulators. 5U and 1U chassis configurations are also available. Redundant power supplies are available for the 2U and 5U versions.

The highly modular and flexible architecture allows the T400XR to be easily customized for single-stream or multi-stream applications, with customer-selected test points and test functions. All signal processing is performed in software and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) firmware, so new customized processing can easily be added. The T400XR signal processing engine is the RT Logic DTR-70 card. Supported modes include SGLS, USB (STDN), and TDRSS. PSK, PM, FM, and custom waveforms are also supported.

The T400XR can be controlled and monitored through a built-in front panel interface, through the local RT Logic Java GUI, or over the Ethernet. The RT Logic Java GUI can also be run over the Ethernet from any standard computer. An Application Programming Interface (API) is available for network-based control and status from a host application.