The RT Logic Telemetrix® 500 Space Bridge (T500SB) provides a seamless bi-directional OSI Layer 2 Bridge or Layer 3 Routing interface between a terrestrial Ethernet (IEEE 802.3ab, 1000BASE-T) network and an Ethernet network on a space vehicle.

For the Layer 2 forward link, the T500SB accepts Ethernet packets into Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces, performs CCSDS Encapsulation, and generates AOS Frames for transmission to the space vehicle. As part of the CCSDS Encapsulation Service, Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoding is applied to the input data. For the Layer 2 return link, the T500SB provides frame synchronization, derandomization, Reed-Solomon FEC and Ethernet data distribution via Gigabit Ethernet. Similar to the Layer 2 process, the Layer 3 process supports standard routing protocols to provide ground to space routing using standard CCSDS Encapsulation and AOS Framing.

Demand for simplified interfaces between terrestrial and space systems is a growing industry trend. As newer space systems adopt TCP/IP over Ethernet for the forward/return links in lieu of complex, specialized serial interfaces, a more flexible ground station architecture is required.

The T500SB is a modular, tailorable, one-box solution that provides a standards-based network interface to the terrestrial networks and high speed serial interface (ECL, LVDS, TTL, RS-422) to a COTS Receiver such as the RT Logic T400/T1200HDR or other third party commercial modem. Software-defined algorithms enable a single T500SB to support multiple missions.