Unparalleled Advancements in Signal- and Power-Integrity, Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

ANSYS, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANSS), a global innovator of simulation software and technologies designed to optimize product development processes, announced the latest release of SIwave™ software. Part of the Ansoft family of products, version 4.0 of this technology includes new features for signal-integrity, power-integrity and electromagnetic compatibility testing. It includes numerous enhancements including an improved desktop graphical user interface with new post-processing of results, solver enhancements that provide accurate solutions beyond 10 Gb/s, and automation that links SIwave electromagnetics with circuit simulation using Ansoft Designer® and Nexxim®. Additionally, a new link between electromagnetics and thermal analysis has been created for board and package thermal effects via ANSYS® Icepak® software. The link enables accurate characterization of additional heating due to copper-resistive losses that engineers have previously estimated or ignored completely.

SIwave technology is an electromagnetic field solver that performs broadband signal- and power-integrity analyses along with DC voltage and current analysis for complete boards and packages. SIwave software offers comprehensive electromagnetic interference and compatibility analyses, and it has the unique ability to couple board and package electromagnetic fields with HFSS™ technology for complete system-level simulation.

“SIwave 4.0 will allow designers to continually push the envelope of high-speed design, deliver first-in-class performance, and go beyond the 10 Gb/s design barrier that exists in high-performance computing,” said Dr. Zol Cendes, chief technology officer and general manager at Ansoft. “These advancements in electrical simulation plus the coupling between SIwave and ANSYS Icepak provide a comprehensive solution for our customers.”

SIwave features an enhanced graphical user interface that makes component management easy and allows simultaneous analyses and dynamic zooming. A new reporter feature makes the analysis of results easy and fast. Improved solver enhancements include smart coupling algorithms with an advanced via solver combined with non-uniform (hexagonal and trapezoidal) trace cross-sections that provide accurate solutions beyond 10 Gb/s. A new co-planar algorithm within the solver extends accuracy for difficult package designs, and a new field solver calculates trace characteristics on the fly. Enhanced near- and far-field solvers provide an unmatched solution to electromagnetic interference and compatibility problems for data-dependent fields when linked to circuit simulation using Ansoft Designer® software.

The latest release includes multiple automation enhancements that ease design flows by removing tedious manipulations that, most often, are done manually. Automated error checking and geometry correction have been implemented within SIwave software. Schematic creation, transient and QuickEye™ analyses setups have been automated for circuit simulation driven by electromagnetics when using SIwave with Ansoft Designer. The technology now also allows native merging of packages to boards. SIwave also allows automated port creation for Apache RedHawk chip power modules based on the provided header information.

“Version 4.0 of SIwave has added significant improvement to our design capabilities, making it an invaluable analysis tool for signal and power integrity applications. It's a significant step toward the goals of first-pass system success and reduction of the number of fab spins (design iterations),” said George Peterson, lead signal integrity engineer at Jabil Technology Services - Jabil, Inc. Headquartered in Florida, United States with facilities in 22 countries, Jabil is an electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, manufacturing and product management services to global electronics and technology companies.