With system space ever at a premium and operating frequencies constantly on the rise, today's RF/microwave interconnection cables must follow suit and be smaller and higher performance. Carlisle’s HDRFI® Mixed Signal Circular Connector addresses both space constraints and unique application needs.

HDRFI® Assemblies use High Frequency Low Loss Coax and a unique patented interconnect system to transfer high frequency/data through a planar connection system, using a z-axis elastomer. This allows for very high frequencies to transfer with minimal loss through the connector interface.

The HDRFI® Circular connector family is comprised of insert arrangements that maximize the number of size 16 RF contacts available in a standard circular connector arrangement. The product line encompasses shell sizes 15 to 25 and is based on the D38999 Series III specification. The HDRFI® RF contacts are press-in style and the connectors can accommodate standard D38999 back shells and hardware. Fully loaded, the RF Circular connector system contains up to 34 40 GHz RF contacts.

The RF Mixed Signal Circular Connector family combines both power and high frequency RF contacts in the same connector body. Also based on the D38999 specification, shell sizes range from 15 to 25. The power pins are size 20, rated to 7 A, and are combined with HDRFI® RF contacts.

The RF Circular products are ideal when upgrading legacy systems that use typical D38999 type connectors for increased performance or to reduce the amount of connections in a box by combining RF and power signals into the same circular connector. HDRFI® can be customized to fit almost any application. Contact hdrfi@carlisleit.com for more information.