TECOM Industries Inc. announced the company has received a contract award to supply antennas for SATCOM asset tracking. Terms of the contract include delivery of 60,000 antennas in various configurations for mobile land and seaboard usage. The assemblies are part of a system that provides real-time tracking and monitoring of valuable goods and assets such as containers on trucks, ships or docks.

The antenna assembly is a result of a team development effort, with the customer contributing the electronics and TECOM responsible for the antenna design. The RoHS-compliant bi-directional antenna is designed for reliable operation under all weather conditions, and will be deployed worldwide. TECOM’s design excellence and rapid response to the customer’s requirements were critical considerations in the contract award.

“This contract award is a noteworthy win for TECOM - expanding our penetration in the growing asset tracking industry segment,” said Raju Chandra, vice president of marketing and sales for TECOM. “We see tremendous promise in the use of wireless technologies for new industrial applications. TECOM’s experience in embedded antenna design has us handsomely positioned as a valuable partner to OEMs”.