The HS3001A is a single channel CW source that has industry leading phase noise performance of -151 d Bc/Hz at 100 MHz (10 kHz offset). The phase noise at 3 GHz is -121 dBc/Hz (10 kHz offset). Holzworth products are 100% phase noise tested for final performance verification.

The HS3001A is designed with ultra fine tuning resolution for applications where precision is key. The tuning bandwidth of 8 MHz to 3 GHz can be controlled in tight 1mHz steps. The output power of -90 dBm to +12 dBm can be tuned in steps of 0.1 dB. The phase offset tuning resolution is 0.1 degrees over a range of zero to 360 degrees.

Output spectral purity is excellent. The HS3001A was designed to meet the standards expected of a laboratory grade reference source. As a result, the typical output harmonic performance is -40 dBc, while the maximum specified output spurious performance is -60 dBc.

Advanced pulse modulation allows for onboard pulse modulated signal with 10ns rise/fall times. Additional modulation functionality includes DC coupled FM, AM and Phase modulation. With a tuning speed of 1 ms that can be increased further by preloading command lookup tables, the HS3001A synthesizer is ideal for numerous applications, including those which require frequency hopping capability.

The compact form factor was inherited from the Holzworth HS1001B design. Not only is the HS3001A highly robust, having a small form factor removes many challenges from the system integration process. Furthermore, the HS3001A is a portable instrument when operated with either an optional battery pack or backup power supply.

Holzworth synthesizers are USB instruments that utilize the HID (Human Interface Device) transfer protocol as it is proven to be extremely stable, non-problematic and requires no installation of drivers. Synthesizer control is achieved via proprietary software, LabVIEWTM, MATLABTM or any command code that can access a device DLL file.

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