The new RosenbergerHSD® interconnect system has been developed for HighSpeedData transmission in excellent quality.

RosenbergerHSD® is a symmetrical, impedance controlled 100 Ω interconnect system for transmitting data streams at high bit rates: The high performance digital system prevents interference through crosstalk and external sources. Performance is achieved by using an optimized shielding concept with complete braid connection to the outer contact of the connector.

The RosenbergerHSD® interconnect system enables applications up to 1.6 Gbit/sec. – 800 Mbit/sec. on two differential pairs each at 10 m length – for example in automotive electronics (LVDS cameras, USB connections or IEEE 1394 applications). Furthermore, the RosenbergerHSD® system can also be applied for digital infotainment electronics, digital symmetrical networks or even radio base stations. The product spectrum consists of PCB connectors and 4-pole cable assemblies.

The brand new RosenbergerHSD® catalog – including a description of the technical concept - can be ordered cost-free. Ordering number: info205 HSDCat