The recent launch of Freescale RF high power, high voltage LDMOS devices has made possible the design of kilowatt class power amplifiers in a compact format. A 1 kW power amplifier operating in pulse mode at 27.5 MHz intended for ISM applications has been designed. It is targeted for high power applications using a single push-pull device in a symmetric configuration for use in MRI as a RF source building block for multi-kilowatt power amplifiers.

The MRF6VP11KH 1 kW Power Amplifier is a 50 V LDMOS device capable of exceeding 1000 W RF pulse output power at 130 MHz at a large-signal gain of 26 dB in Class AB2 and a drain efficiency of 71 percent. It can handle 10:1 VSWR at Vds of 50 VDC, 130 MHz at 1000 W peak power. The ceramic package is a NI-1230 size, case 375D-05, style 1 with gold plated flanges.