The Flomerics Group plc has reached an agreement to acquire the entire share capital of NIKA GmbH, the Engineering Fluid Dynamics software company based in Frankfurt, Germany and specializing in simulation tools for the prediction of fluid flow and heat transfer. The two companies already share many well-known customers such as Alcatel, BAE Systems, Black & Decker, Delphi, Intel, Mitsubishi, Thales, Samsung, Siemens and Toyota.

NIKA’s computational fluid dynamics technology is derived from €8.5 M of product development investment, primarily in Russia where scientific expertise is excellent and costs are low. The company’s technology enhances Flomerics’ existing product range and gives access to a much wider potential customer base of design engineers outside Flomerics’ existing core market. In particular, there is a significant opportunity to expand sales immediately into countries such as the US and the UK where Flomerics already has a strong presence.

The company’s chief executive, Gary Carter, stated, “The proposed NIKA acquisition helps Flomerics to consolidate our leading position in our core markets such as electronic thermal analysis, and at the same time opens up a whole new market opportunity in putting complex Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology into the hands of mechanical designers. NIKA brings us new, cutting-edge technology, new products, new customers and new strategic partnerships. Flomerics can immediately increase sales of Engineering Fluid Dynamics (EFD) products in many territories through our global sales infrastructure.”

NIKA’s managing director, Roland Feldhinkel, added, “We are very excited to become a part of the Flomerics Group. The company has achieved clear market leadership in the physical design of electronics, and we are confident that its global presence and sales and marketing strengths will help us make the most of NIKA’s world-leading technology.”