July 10, 2008, Houston, Texas – Mimix Broadband, Inc. introduces today a dual high dynamic range amplifier operating from .05 to 4.0 GHz and assembled in an RoHS compliant SOIC-8 package. This versatile, multi-purpose amplifier, identified as XG1001-SA, delivers +44 dBm output IP3, 2.1 dB noise figure and 13 dB gain at 2 GHz. The combination of low noise figure and high IP3 at the same bias point makes it an ideal transmit or receive solution when used in applications including CATV, cellular and PCS, MMDS, and WLAN. The XG1001-SA can be implemented in balanced or push-pull design configurations and has the flexibility of being optimized for a number of wireless applications. This amplifier uses a single positive supply from +3V to +5V.

“The XG1001-SA is an extension to our high linearity MESFET product line and offers our customers a robust new package choice,” stated Amer Droubi, Product Manager, Mimix Broadband, Inc. “Integrating two amplifiers in the same package simplifies the implementation of push-pull and balanced configurations, making the XG1001-SA an ideal building block when combining for desired linearity and power performance.”

The device is 100% RF and DC tested. Engineering samples and production quantities are available today from stock. Technical support is also available from Mimix’s applications engineers at 281.988.4600. The XG1001-SA datasheet and additional product information can be obtained from the Mimix Broadband website at www.mimixbroadband.com.