SAN JOSE, CA—June 9, 2008—Endwave Corporation (NASDAQ: ENWV), a leading provider of high-frequency RF modules for telecommunications networks, defense electronics and homeland security systems has announced the release of a new 60 GHz T/R module that targets short-range indoor communications that must transport data traffic at multi-gigabit speeds.

The design allows full-duplex operation with flexible modulation and can also be operated in various radar modes, if desired.

Typical specifications at 60 GHz are a receiver noise figure of 5 dB and a transmitter output power (at P1dB) of over +5 dBm with +/- 1.0 dB flatness over a 2-GHz operating bandwidth. Balance between I and Q ports measures better than 1.5 dB in amplitude and 10 degrees in phase over a 10 MHz (DC) to 1 GHz baseband frequency range. Measuring only 9 cm (3½ in) in length, the transceiver includes independent Tx and Rx local oscillators and versatile programmable phase lock loops. The reference frequency can be supplied externally at any of a number of different frequencies, including the popular 10 MHz standard.

Units are available with built-in patch antenna arrays or with waveguide inputs and outputs.

This design opens the door to commercial applications that would otherwise require 10-Gbps ethernet, an advanced high-speed USB, or other cable-intensive technologies.

Please contact an applications engineering specialist at Endwave for more details.