The HMC641 is a GaAs pHEMT SP4T MMIC chip which is rated for operation from DC to 18 GHz. This wideband, non-reflective SP4T switch exhibits 2 dB insertion loss and 42 dB isolation at midband, and features an on-chip binary decoder which requires only two control lines. High P1dB and input IP3 performance of +24 dBm and +40 dBm respectively, make the HMC641 ideal for applications requiring moderate to high linearity. This compact MMIC SP4T Switch requires no external matching components and occupies a footprint of only 1.9 x 1.6 mm. The HMC641 SP4T MMIC accepts control voltages of 0 and -5V with a fixed -5V supply, and draws only 3 mA.

The HMC641 complements Hittite's broad line of SPST and SPNT switch products which are available in die, SMT and connectorized module formats, with frequency coverage from DC to 86 GHz.