Tyco Electronics offers custom maintenance and repair kits for the defense and aerospace markets. Designed for field or depot use, the M & R kits are custom configured to meet the needs of a specific platform and provide all the necessary tools and parts to speed repairs. Typical applications include helicopters, ground vehicles, and shipboard maintenance. Kits are packaged in rugged, lightweight cases for easy transport and convenient storage. Kits can be provisioned with a wide range of products required for specific applications. Typical components include: • Wire, cable and cable assemblies • Terminals, splices, and contacts • Heat-shrink tubing • Shield terminators and adapters • Molded and harnessing products • Connectors, such as circular, ARINC, coaxial • Data Bus (MIL-STD-1553B) and MTC High-Performance Modular rectangular connectors • Application-specific assemblies • Tooling, such a wire strippers, crimp tools, heat guns Components in the kit are organized and marked for easy identification and access. Replenishment services are available. For more information on Tyco Electronics Maintenance and Repair Kits, contact Tyco Electronics’ technical support center at 800-522-6752, or send email to newproducts@tycoelectronics.com