The VFJA430 provides two LVCMOS outputs from 10MHz to 200MHz. Two select inputs [S1,S0] allow the user to select 1 of 3 preset input frequencies from 8KHz to 200MHz or free-run mode. In free run mode the device provides the nominal output frequency and is not phase locked to the input frequency. Operating with a +3.3 volt power supply, the device typically consumes 150 mW. The output is configured as a differential LVCMOS signal and requires external termination resistors. The VFJA430 offers ultra-low output jitter (0.20ps RMS 12 KHz to 20 MHz). It is available in a 19.5 mm x 15.5 mm surface mount package and is RoHS 6/6 compliant. Valpey Fisher’s integrated clock/PLL timing solution is ideal for 1G/10G/100G synchronous Ethernet applications.