Solid State Microwave Amplifiers

MicroAmpAR offers several families of solid state microwave amplifiers: 0.8 to 4.2GHz (1 to 700 W); 0.8 to 3 GHz (15 to 800 W); 4 to 10.6 GHz (1 to 150 W); 4 to 8 GHz (15 to 120 W) and 8 to 20 GHz ( 5 to 20 W). Our S series amps generate 100% of rated power and make it available to the load even when mismatch is severe. 100% of the power is available and delivered to the output device 100% of the time.

These amplifiers also offer exceptional design features for load tolerance including: transistor pairs combined with quadrature couplers – more rugged than the single output arrangement found in lesser-grade Class A’s; internal power combiners that can withstand high reflected power; top quality, higher power handling internal directional couplers; and switching power supplies to increase efficiency and reduce internal heat load.

AR’s high-power solid-state microwave amplifiers allow you to add the power to existing amps as needed. There’s no need to toss out a perfectly good amp and start all over again. Our “Subampability” concept also enables you to add incremental power using existing amps. The latest examples are models 10S4G11A (10 watt, 4 to 10.6 GHz) and 15S4G8A (15 W, 4 to 8 GHz). A fairly simple upgrade performed by AR expands a 10S4G11A to a 20 W unit and the 15S4G8A to a 35 W unit. The 20 and 35 W units are like building blocks that can easily be expanded by adding additional sub amps and controller/combiner units to obtain great output levels.

AR has a special offer that enables you to upgrade you 0.8 – 3 GHz amplifier to a 0.8 – 4.2 GHz amplifier to eliminate gaps as you expand your frequency coverage. For more details on this offer, visit our website.

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