The Aeroflex / Micrometrics MMP 7000 Series of MELF PIN diodes are specifically designed for higher peak and average power switching and attenuator applications from HF through UHF frequencies ~ 1 – 1,000 MHz.

They’re manufactured using Aeroflex/Micrometrics’ propriety diode process which optimizes the anode and cathode bonding area of the diode to the adjacent heat spreading metal posts within the ceramic package. This unique geometry provides lower electrical and thermal resistance within the surface mount package to provide higher average power performance to comparable surface mount diode packages. In high power UHF cold switching applications, RF C.W. incident power levels of + 50 dBm and RF peak incident power levels of + 60 dBm are very achievable.

The low package inductance ( < 0.25 nH ) and the optimization of the diodes’ RC product, provides better IIP3 distortion values > + 70 dBm, Tx series diode insertion loss < 0.3 dB and Rx series diode isolation > 20 dB @ 500 MHz in a SP2T configuration. These High Power PIN diodes are also extremely useful in higher average power ( > 50 W ) PIN Diode Attenuator circuits using Pi, Tee, or Tapered Resistance ( TRATT ) Designs.

These devices are hermetically sealed and are constructed with non-magnetic materials to meet stringent requirements for MRI systems. The devices are fully RoHs compliant as well.

The MELF PIN Diode product family has resistance values @ 100 MHz from 0.3Ω to 1.0Ω @ 100mA, Capacitance specifications at 1 MHz of 0.5 pF to 2.0 pF @ |-100 | V, and lifetime specifications from 1.0 µsec to 8.00 µsec. These advantageous PIN Diodes are widely used in commercial and military radio as well as MRI applications.