- Sub-harmonic, Image Reject Transmitter - Integrated Mixer, LO Doubler/Buffer & Output Amplifier - +17.0 dBm Output Third Order Intercept (OIP3) - +2.0 dBm LO Drive Level - 5.0 dB Conversion Gain - 100% RF and DC Testing

Mimix Broadband’s 36.0-42.0 GHz GaAs transmitter has a +17.0 dBm output third order intercept across the band. This device is a balanced, resistive pHEMT mixer followed by a distributed output amplifier and includes an integrated LO doubler and LO buffer amplifier. The use of integrated LO doubler and LO buffer amplifier makes the provision of the LO easier than for fundamental mixers at these frequencies. I and Q mixer inputs are provided and an external 90 degree hybrid is required to select the desired sideband. This device uses Mimix Broadband’s 0.15 µm GaAs PHEMT device model technology, and is based upon electron beam lithography to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. This device is well suited for Millimeter-wave Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.