Test and Measurement Channel

Models 2611 & 2612, System SourceMeter® Instruments

Cleveland, Ohio – March 7, 2006 - Keithley Instruments, Inc. (NYSE:KEI), a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, announces two new additions to its Series 2600 System SourceMeter® Instruments. The Models 2611 and 2612 add higher voltage and higher current capabilities to Keithley’s revolutionary source-measure unit (SMU) platform introduced last year, significantly lowering the cost of test for a wide range of electronic components. The 200V and 10A capabilities of the two new models make them ideal for functional test and I-V characterization of silicon and compound semiconductor devices like FETs, diodes, voltage regulators, and optoelectronic components. In line with the other Series 2600 System SourceMeter Instruments, the Models 2611 and 2612 combine the highest throughput SMU technology available with a compact and scalable form factor that allows seamless integration into systems from one to 16 SMU channels. The Models 2611 and 2612 are designed specifically to satisfy electronic manufacturers’ needs for cost effective automated systems that rapidly test low to medium pin count devices or multiple devices in a production test fixture. The Model 2611 is a single-channel SMU, and the Model 2612 is a dual-channel unit. Multiple units can be integrated seamlessly with a unique embedded Test Script Processor (TSP™) and TSP-Link™. These technologies let users program and execute high-speed, automated test sequences across multiple channels, independent of a PC operating system and its associated communication delays. This allows test speeds up to ten times faster than conventional test instruments. With two channels and a 200V source range, the Model 2612 is capable of 400V differential operation, and each SMU channel is capable of 1.5A DC and 10A pulsed output. Both models have a new contact check feature that is being added to the entire Series 2600 Instrument Line. This feature eliminates false failures in high speed test applications by ensuring that all connections to the devices under test are intact before a source-measure sequence is initiated. The net result is an ideal modular, scalable instrument platform for building ATE systems that performs precision DC, pulse, and low-frequency AC source-measure tests. ...

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