CHV2707-QJ: 700 to 800 MHz InGaP HBT 5W Linear Power Amplifier

-Internal Pre-matching -Single Supply Operation, 12V -Power Gain 14 dB -ESD Protection On Board -Current Control for Multiple Applications -2.5% EVM @ 30 dBm Avg Power, 802.16 OFDM -Signal Format, PAR = 9 dB -Low Thermal Resistance -Ideal for WiMAX Applications -RoHS Compliant 6x6mm QFN Package The CHV2707-QJ internally pre-matched power HBT device provides 14 dB of gain, 2.5% EVM at 30 dBm output power for 802.16 OFDM signal with a peak to average power ratio of 9 dB. The device operates off a single supply voltage up to 12V and includes internal bias circuitry to enable exact setting of the quiescent current using an external Vcontrol. This Vcontrol is non-unique voltage setting and the same value can be used for each part depending on the required Icq. The device is ideal for high linearity, high data rate applications such as WiMAX. Internal pre-matching facilitates a simplified external matching approach and the highest in-band gain potential of the device. The device operates with unique matching at each of the popular WiMAX bands with the inherent repeatability of an InGaP HBT process.

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