Microwave Office® 2007 design suite provides the most powerful and flexible RF/microwave design environment available in the industry. Built on the unique AWR® high-frequency design platform with its open design environment and advanced unified data model, Microwave Office software offers unprecedented openness and interoperability, enabling ease-of-use and the ability to integrate best-in-class tools for each part of the design process. The single, object-oriented database is inherently synchronized with schematic, simulation, and layout data providing everything a designer needs to take an idea from concept through simulation, and directly into physical implementation, all in one platform. This latest product release continues to deliver key productivity improvements to microwave designers, shortening design cycle time and speeding time-to-market for RF/microwave products. Microwave Office 2007 design suite introduces innovative ACE™ circuit extraction technology that dramatically reduces from hours to seconds the time required to do the initial modeling of complex interconnects. The new technology enables designers to perform interconnect modeling at the earliest stages of the design flow, where problems can be identified and corrected before costly and time-consuming redesigns are required. Microwave Office users can now leverage layout-based models for circuit extraction as opposed to traditional schematic-based designs / flows. The tool provides a dramatic and revolutionary methodology shift to layout-driven simulation through a sophisticated mechanism for automating the bookkeeping and partitioning of structures into pre-existing models. Features: · Powerful, concurrent, unified design and analysis environment for microwave chip, module, and PCB design · Complete integration with APLAC’s incomparable RF simulation technology including APLAC® native netlists support in AWR XML libraries enabling model creation in APLAC scripting language · ACE™ automatic circuit extraction technology for fast, accurate interconnect modeling · Integration with VSS RF Inspector™ enabling frequency-domain simulation · Intelligent Nets™ (iNets) technology with MMIC, module, and PCB design capability · iNets coupled with circuit extraction capability enables creation of a schematic model instead of doing time-consuming full wave EM analysis · Open EM Socket™ interface enables integration with the industry’s best EM tools · EMediacy™ integrated EM and layout editor eliminates need for separate EM editor by directly combining EM into schematics and layout · Proprietary Xmodels available through EM Socket · EMSight™ multi-core support provides scaled speed improvement for even a single frequency sweep · Integrated filter synthesis solution from Nuhertz Technologies · Ideal platform for high-speed system-in-package SiP and module design · HSPICE AC and noise analysis · Open circuit simulation socket offers integration with the industry’s most powerful simulators · ERC/DRC enhancements