MITEQ introduces a new addition to its family of waveguide LNAs. AMFW-5F-33004000-50-10P-4WL is a very low noise Q-Band waveguide front end. WR-28 waveguide input and output amplifier is very lightweight and has an extremely small profile and footprint. Aluminum alloy housing is environmentally sealed and EMI shielded. Hermetic sealing option is also available. LNA includes reverse voltage, over current and over temperature protection, in addition to full internal regulation. This amplifier is capable of a minimum of 10 dBm of P1dB across the full band, 33-40 GHz. Built-in limiter can prevent damage from up to 5W of CW input. Port VSWR is a maximum of 2.5:1 but typically 2:1 or less. Nominal small-signal gain is minimum 18 dB and maximum of 22 dB while the noise figure is less than 5 dB. Gain flatness is 2 dB peak-to-peak typical. Current draw is nominally 165 mA from a single positive 15V supply.