XStream Hardware FDTD uses the latest GPU Computing technology to provide dramatic speed increases in XFdtd calculation. Utilizing the ability of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) in modern computer graphics cards to stream floating point calculations, XFdtd achieves extremely fast calculation speeds via the XStream Hardware FDTD option. XStream® Hardware FDTD is now based on the NVIDIA FX 5600 GPU with 1.5 GBytes of accelerated memory. There are three versions of XStream 3.0 available from Remcom: The basic XStream Single GPU with 1.5 GB of GPU memory for up to 50 Million FDTD cells fully-accelerated; the XStream MicroCluster consisting of Two XStream GPUs in a Quadro Plex 1000 chassis providing 3 GB of GPU memory for up to 100 Million FDTD cells fully-accelerated; and the XStream MiniCluster consisting of Four XStream GPUs in two Quadro Plex 1000 chassis providing 6 GB of GPU memory for up to 200 Million FDTD Cells fully-accelerated. XStream provides the calculation speed of a computer cluster at a fraction of the cost.