Response Microwave, Inc. an experienced specialist in providing customer solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of its new application specific economical power divider/combiner for tower top signal routing in microwave radio applications. Unit is designed to satisfy IP56 sealing requirements. The new 2-way divider operates 5.9 – 8.5GHz. Electrical performance offers typical input to output insertion loss of 3.8dB, isolation of 20dB typical, VSWR of 1.35:1typical, phase unbalance of +/-5° and amplitude unbalance of 0.5dB maximum. Forward power handling is 15W CW. Designed in the classical Wilkinson circuit approach, the new device has type N female connectors with available SMA, TNC or BNC options upon request. The package size is a mere 1.45 x 1.25 x .88 inches, plus connectors. Units accommodate environmental extremes from –35° to +80° C. For more information on this new line or to discuss how we can satisfy your application specific requirement, please contact Response Microwave, Inc. at (978) 456-9186,, or by e-mail at; .