Visual System Simulator™, a comprehensive software suite for the design of complete, end-to-end communications systems, helps designers reduce time-to-market by eliminating iterations and rework, and cuts system costs by ensuring that components are not over-specified and thus unnecessarily expensive. VSS 2006 offers, for the RFIC design community, RF models in the voltage domain. The popular VSS RF budget analysis feature now includes measurements to provide greater insight into defining the right component specifications. Core VSS functions have been expanded with new measurements, additional models, and improved existing models. In addition, VSS 2006 addresses the needs of the baseband system designer by enabling bit accurate simulations and providing new signal models for the most current communications standards. VSS 2006 has been enhanced in many areas as part of AWR’s ongoing commitment to provide engineers with the unique ability to design the right system architecture and formulate suitable specifications for each of the underlying components in today’s complex communications designs. The optional AWR TestWave™ module integrates VSS seamlessly with instruments from leading test equipment vendors, providing a means for virtual hardware prototyping. · Integrates circuit and system designs into the AWR Design Environment single simulation platform · Fast system simulations · Support for complex measurements · Extensive core model library · Seamless integration with test and measurement (T&M) equipment · RF budget analysis for calculating cascaded performance of the RF link · Phase lock loop (PLL) simulation blocks for interactive investigation of the dynamics of frequency synthesizers and frequency and phase modulators