SUNNYVALE, CA--Endwave Defense Systems, a manufacturer of RF subsystems and components for defense and homeland security applications, has announced the release of a 44 GHz frequency multiplier subsystem for Milstar Satcom uplink applications. The design is a frequency quadrupler (X4) which includes various buffer, driver, and output power amplifier functionality into one integrated module. The multiplier module receives an X-band input signal and multiplies the frequency up to fully cover the unclassified K-Band Milstar uplink operating bandwidth. Typical performance specifications for the 3 output power options are: Input Fin = X-Band, 11 GHz center frequency Pin = +14.25 to +18.25 dBm Input VSWR = 2.0:1 Output Fout = K-Band, 44 GHz center frequency Output Phase Noise Degradation: < 13 dB Output VSWR = 2.5:1 Non-harmonically related spurs = -65 dBc Harmonically related spurs = -25 dBc Output Power: +14 to +18 dBm (-1 model) +16 to +20 dBm (-2 model) +18 to +22 dBm (-3 model) DC power at +5VDC = 410 mA max Milstar is a joint service satellite communications system that provides worldwide secure, jam resistant and low probability of detection nuclear-event resistant communications for all forces across the spectrum of conflict. The multi-satellite constellation will link command authorities with a wide variety of resources, including ships, submarines, aircraft, land vehicles and manned-portable systems. The satellite system provides the U.S. Department of Defense with reliable, secure, jam-proof communications between fixed-site, mobile, and portable terminals. Each Milstar satellite serves as a switchboard in space directing traffic from terminal to terminal anywhere on Earth. Milstar provides interoperable communications among users of Army, Navy, and Air Force Milstar terminals. Geographically dispersed mobile and fixed control stations provide survivable and enduring operational command and control for the Milstar constellation. For more information on Endwave Defense Systems' frequency multiplier subsystems, call an applications specialist at 408-522-3180.