SUNNYVALE, CA--Endwave Defense Systems, a manufacturer of RF subsystems and components for defense and homeland security applications, has announced the release of several new amplifiers within their JCA line of RF amplifiers. The series includes over a dozen models with an average gain tracking of +/- 0.75 dB gain tracking and +/-1.5 dB gain matching across a 2-18 GHz bandwidth. The high performance and reliability of these amplifiers is primarily achieved as a result of an automated assembly process using precise pick-and-place machinery and automatic wire-bonding. Minimizing gaps between components and maintaining efficient, consistent wirebond lengths in the assembly process yields significantly improved gain and phase tracking performance unit-to-unit, and often reduces RF tuning times by 30%. These amplifiers are ideal for multi-channel transmit-receive architectures where predictable, consistent amplifier gain and phase parameters over larger lots of modules are vital to optimal system performance. For more information on Endwave Defense Systems' RF amplifier sets with consistent gain and phase requirements, call an applications specialist at 408-522-3180.