SUNNYVALE, CA--Endwave Defense Systems, a manufacturer of RF subsystems and components for defense and homeland security applications, has announced the release of a new line of ultra-low noise JCA Amplifiers". With over twenty new models available to cover many of the popular microwave frequency bands, narrowband models can be optimized for sub 0.5 dB noise figures over 100-200 MHz sub-bands, with broadband multi-octave noise figure performance under 1 dB maximum for C-Band frequencies and below. Higher-frequency models are available upon request. The engineering strategy to achieve this performance utilizes Endwave's JCA brand amplifier building-blocks and incorporates proprietary matching techniques. In addition to low noise characteristics, cost efficiencies have also been achieved due to minimal touch-and-tune time. The engineering approach also results in a variety of end-use advantages. They can be employed in either narrowband situations, such as a GPS receiver, or in an electronic surveillance system, where several octaves of bandwidth may be necessary. As a result of their flexibility and ultra-low noise performance and reliability, they are useful when system engineers are looking to improve radar sensitivity, increase dynamic range, and lower reception thresholds. For more information on Endwave Defense Systems' ultra-low noise amplifiers, call an applications specialist at 408-522-3180.