Framingham, MA - Response Microwave, Inc. an experienced specialist in providing customer solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of the COMPEL series of 1.6/5.6 connectors, adaptors, monitor points and cable assemblies for use in CLEC, central office and co-location areas. Part of the Compel family of connectivity solutions, the series is specifically designed to facilitate quick yet secure connection cycles while at the same time providing tighter packaging density. The interface is ideal for use in DSX cross connect applications and is 25% smaller in size than the BNC family currently used in North America. The series operates to 1GHz and versions are available for PCB and module mount, as well as flexible or semi ridged cable. Housings are brass with gold and nickel plating and fitted with a silicone rubber gasket. Product is available as a discrete connector or as part of a complete, application specific cable assembly. Monitor points, U-links and adaptors are also available in a variety of configurations and values. For more information on this new line or to discuss how we can satisfy your application specific requirement, please contact Response Microwave, Inc. at (978) 456-9184,, or by e-mail at; .