The Aeroflex 3000 series expands PXI's speed and modularity into the realm of general-purpose wireless testing. The high-performance 3020 Series signal generator modules can be used for both continuous wave (CW) and digital signal generation for device testing and characterization up to 6 GHz. The IQCreator signal generation application enables the design of digital modulation and other complex waveforms. The 3030 series RF Digitizers can be used to provide wideband high dynamic range data acquisition of RF signals up to 6 GHz with up to 36 MHz instantaneous bandwidth. Signal analysis applications enable the 3030 series to be used for GSM/EDGE, UMTS and cdma2000 mobile phone testing and 802.11 WLAN device testing. Example Configurations Can you say RF Testing 5X faster? Aeroflex can. Learn more here.