Application Note

Application Note 1471, “RF/IF-to-Digital Connected Solutions Bit Error Rate Using the Advanced Design System,” is a 24-page note that explains how connected solutions can help bit error rate verification applications for RF/IF-to-digital receiver topologies.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(877) 424-4536,

Amplifier Brochure

This amplifier brochure features the newest products and the company’s latest thinking in the RF amplifier industry. The brochure highlights its high power “A” series of amplifiers that covers the 10 kHz to 250 MHz frequency range and 500 to 10,000 W.

AR Worldwide,
Souderton, PA
(215) 723-8181,

Quarterly Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter, “Off-the-Shelf,” highlights the company’s new RF to millimeter-wave IC products. The recent Summer 2004 edition features 18 new products showcasing dual channel gain blocks, dual channel downconverters and high isolation switches.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA
(978) 250-3343,

Connectors Datasheet

This datasheet offers complete detail on the company’s MSSS line of push-on connectors. The MSSS line of connectors has been space qualified and is currently used in many next generation flight applications. A product photograph, materials and finishes, electrical and mechanical specifications are also provided.

Micro-Mode Products Inc.,
El Cajon, CA
(619) 449-3844,

Short Form Product Catalog

This short form product catalog highlights the company’s monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) for microwave and millimeter-wave wireless communications applications. Comparison charts, a facility overview and quality assurance information are also provided.

Mimix Broadband Inc.,
Houston, TX
(281) 988-4600,

Product Catalog

This product catalog highlights the company’s millimeter-wave products that include components, subsystems and integrated assemblies, engineering services and custom products. Product charts display an easy-to-read comparison of the products.

QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA
(310) 320-1111,

Filter Product Catalog

This catalog features the company’s full line of RF and microwave products. The catalog contains RF and microwave filters, diplexers, multiplexers and switched filter banks for the military, industrial and commercial industries. For a complimentary copy, e-mail:

Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD
(301) 519-3660,

Product Catalog

This product catalog features the company’s RF and microwave subsystems and components including ferrite circulators/isolators, switches matrices, electro-mechanical switches, MEMS switches and attenuators. Product photographs, features, benefits and comparison graphs are also provided.

Renaissance Electronics Corp.,
Harvard, MA (978) 772-7774,

Selection Guide

This cable assembly selection guide is separated into four parts: general design criteria, cable types and specifications, connector types and specifications, and cable assembly data. This information can then be used with specific requirements to submit a request for quotation.

SSI Cable Corp.,
Shelton, WA
(360) 426-5719,

Interactive CD

This CD includes interactive versions of two product catalogs: one covering engineered flexible and semi-rigid solutions for demanding applications through 50 GHz, the other detailing standard and customized cable assemblies for high performance test and measurement needs.

Storm Products-Microwave,
Woodridge, IL
(630) 754-3300,

Test Capabilities Brochure

This build-to-print and test capabilities brochure introduces the company’s extensive experience in assembly process, materials control, advanced testing procedures and quality assurance processes. The brochure depicts photos of the test equipment and assembly machinery used in concert with processes, classifications and government standards.

TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 901-7200,

Capabilities Brochure

This application-specific electronic components brochure illustrates the capabilities of the company. The brochure is intended to help designers select the product for specific circuits and the route to achieve the best end result.

TT electronics plc.,
Surrey, England, UK
+44 (0) 1932 841310,