Harvard, MA - Apr. 04, 2011 - Renaissance Electronics Corporation is proud to be celebrating our 20th year anniversary in the RF and Microwave Industry. We have continuously had high standards and maintained forward thinking, in the design, manufacture and delivery of RF and Microwave Products, since 1991.

Our vision to be the preferred supplier of all frequency products is becoming a reality, especially with the acquisition of HXI Millimeter Wave Company. Renaissance now covers most components, integrated assemblies and other products in frequencies ranging from radio to microwave to millimeter.

We are grateful to our loyal customers for helping us to reach this 20 year milestone. We are thankful to our suppliers, sales representatives, consultants and most of all our employees who have contributed immensely to our continued success. We have given high priority to important culture values, which have been instrumental in our long-term success. We have been recognized for our many innovations, customer-focused services, and timely results oriented performance.

We look forward to many more years as the industry leader, developing RF and Microwave solutions for our customers.

For more information about these products, contact us at 978-772-7774 or online at the company’s website by clicking the link below our logo on this page.