Burlington, MA – December 08, 2010 – COMSOL unveiled a pre-release of its market-leading multiphysics modeling and simulation environment, COMSOL Multiphysics version 4.1. Evaluation licenses were distributed to attendees and members of the media present at the sixth annual COMSOL Conference currently being held in Boston. Productivity stands out as the major theme in version 4.1. This new release builds on the breakthroughs in usability introduced in all-new version 4 architecture and offers dozens of practical features that make the modeling and simulation process more productive.

“Version 4.1 will make users instantly more productive. With the addition of Copy/Paste and duplication features the model tree can be expanded and customized in record time. This really opens the way for users to work efficiently rather than unnecessarily repeating tasks,” comments VP of Product Management Bjorn Sjodin.

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