Ipswich, MA—December 6, 2010--San-tron, Inc., a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has released “An introduction to San-tron S292™ Connectors,” a video in which San-tron’s Director of Engineering, Fred Hull, talks about the company’s latest product release, the S292™ 40 GHz connector. The video is the first installment in a series of informative videos designed to educate engineers about San-tron’s innovative connector designs.

In this video, Fred explains San-tron’s redesign of a standard 2.92 mm connector, highlighting the engineering decisions that make San-tron’s S292™ connectors more robust and able to perform up to 40 GHz. The high performance characteristics were developed to meet the needs of the military, avionics, and satellite communications markets. Fred details how he standardized the design to a Thunderline-Z TL-150 glass-to-metal feed-through, achieving a transitional RF geometry that greatly reduces the tolerance sensitivity of the final interconnection at the housing. He also goes over the reasons for choosing the most robust insulator material, how S292™ connectors are characterized, and their compatibility with a variety of standard SMA styles across various frequency ranges.

The video is available in San-tron’s Knowledge Center by visiting the company’s website. Click the link below our logo on this page.

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