April 14, 2009--Methuen, MA-- Electronic Assembly Manufacturing, Inc. (EAM), an RF/Microwave coaxial cable assembly supplier, has recently announced the launch of their new website, eamcableassemblies.com. The website features an easy-to-use product selector, broken down by cable type. The seven cable types include flexible, hand formable, LMR®, semi-rigid, low loss, RG, and corrugated. Each cable type is available in a wide range of standard and custom lengths with a variety of connector choices. All connector/cable combinations can be reviewed using their Fast Quote tool, which also appears on each product page. The tool allows users to virtually design their own cable assemblies, with the ability to specify the cable type, length, connectors on both ends, and test requirements. Once complete, users can then submit their design for a fast quote.

Additionally, the website features application support and a handy “tech-tips” section, which provides knowledge-based discussion and engineering support. EAM not only provides high quality products, but also offers many years of RF and microwave experience and industry knowledge to both military and commercial customers.

Applications include:
Military / Defense
Test and Measurement
RF & Microwave Communications
Medical Equipment
Homeland Security
Satellite Base Stations