Munich, 24 February 2009 — The new R&S ROMES2GO walk test solution from Rohde & Schwarz makes it easy to perform on-site coverage measurements of mobile radio networks. For example, field technicians can test a base station's network coverage and functionality. The favorably priced instrument supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA and HSDPA – today's essential technologies that are being used in networks worldwide. For comprehensive error analyses, it also automatically stores error events that occur before the measurement starts.

R&S ROMES2GO from Rohde & Schwarz further expands the company's product portfolio of drive test systems. The new solution is implemented in specific test mobile phones that are commercially available. In mobile phone mode, network operators can simultaneously analyze data and voice transmission in the mobile phone network under test. Even lengthy tests (i.e. greater than 100 hours) can be easily performed using the cost-efficient solution.

To preserve and record error events that occur before the start of a measurement, a ring buffer has been integrated into the test solution. If a measurement is saved, the data in the ring buffer is automatically stored in the test file. In this way, no measurement results are lost.

R&S ROMES2GO simplifies everyday work for field technicians: Common measurement tasks are preconfigured. During the measurement, key parameters such as channel, level and quality-of-service value are graphically displayed on the mobile phone. If additional information needs to be included, the service engineer can enter a comment on site and the comment is linked to the measurement along with a time stamp. For indoor measurements, results are automatically created along the walked route; when used outdoors, a GPS link can be set up.

When a test has been completed, R&S ROMES2GO automatically transmits the data to an FTP server. The results are evaluated using the well-established R&S ROMES software or suitable third-party tools.

The R&S ROMES2GO 3GPP walk test solution is now available from Rohde & Schwarz.