Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2008 - Rohde & Schwarz offers a worldwide unique solution for generating MIMO signals. The high-end R&S SMU200A RF signal generator as well as the R&S AMU200A baseband generator and fading simulator combine everything that is required for 2x2 MIMO tests in only one instrument. Both signal generators can be equipped with two signal sources each and one internal 2x2 MIMO fading simulator. Measurements of 2x2 MIMO receivers including realtime fading can thus be performed on all four propagation paths. Each of the two instruments supports MIMO for 3GPP LTE, WiMAX, WLAN 802.11n and HSPA+.

Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) is a technology that operates with multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver end. Data rates and transmission reliability can thus be increased. However, crosstalk that occurs between the antennas considerably impairs transmission quality. This special form of multipath propagation must therefore be appropriately taken into account in channel simulation.

A typical MIMO system is a 2x2 system, which contains two receiving and two transmitting antennas. A 2x2 MIMO test setup normally requires two signal generators and one fading simulator. For its high-end R&S SMU200A RF signal generator, Rohde & Schwarz offers an option that allows measurements on 2x2 MIMO receivers using a single instrument. The generator can optionally be equipped with an internal fading simulator as well as two RF sources and two baseband sources. When equipped with the R&S SMU-K74 option, the generator can simulate the four fading channels required in 2x2 MIMO systems. The fact that fading simulation is performed in realtime does away with the tedious task of calculating MIMO test signals.

For users who require exclusively baseband signals, Rohde & Schwarz has the ideal solution as well. The R&S AMU200A baseband generator can also be equipped with an internal fading simulator. Moreover, the instrument's dual-path concept supports the integration of two baseband sources. When the R&S AMU-K74 option is then installed, the R&S AMU200A offers the same functions for the baseband as made available by the high-end R&S SMU200A vector signal generator. Likewise, it offers the advantages of a one-box solution.

Whether RF or baseband, users benefit with both instruments. In addition to saving space and costs, these new solutions do away with cabling, synchronization, and level adjustment for signal generators and fading simulator.

The R&S SMU-K74 (R&S SMU200A) and R&S AMU-K74 (R&S AMU200A) MIMO options are available from Rohde & Schwarz.