April 17th 2007, Darmstadt, Germany, Computer Simulation Technology (CST) announces CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) performance increase through sophisticated imports, code optimization, and hardware acceleration. Engineers studying signal integrity, power integrity or general EMC/EMI effects can now investigate their structures using CST’s full wave 3D EM simulator. Studies involving signal and field propagation along traces, vias, bond wires, etc., can now be conducted in their full complexity, without compromising result quality by having to introduce approximations. Significant simulation performance increase has been achieved through code optimization and hardware acceleration boards. By exploiting the latest and upcoming generation of processors and technologies in joint optimization projects with Intel, and the usage of dedicated hardware acceleration boards, the full wave analysis of packages etc. has become feasible. CST MWS’ “Complete Technology” approach allows simulation in the time domain and frequency domain, delivering results like TDR, S-parameters, eye diagrams, and Spice models. Alongside code and hardware optimization, effective workflow integration is of great importance to the efficiency and performance of a design engineer. CST MWS includes interfaces to EDA tools such as Cadence® Allegro®, Mentor Graphics Expedition™, and Zuken. Furthermore, the improved import mechanisms clean up the geometrical structures exported from these design tools, automatically freeing data from unnecessary facetation, gaps, and other artefacts, thus greatly benefiting the 3D simulation performance. OVERVIEW – CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® 2006B key features: • 5 fully featured solver modules, seamlessly integrated within one interface o Market leading time domain simulator, which uses proprietary PERFECT BOUNDARY APPROXIMATION (PBA)® technology o Frequency domain on hexahedral and tetrahedral meshes o New Integral Equation solver for large structures o Fast s-parameter solver dedicated to highly resonant structures o Eigenmode solver • Co-simulation o EM/circuit co-simulation with CST DESIGN STUDIO™ o EM/thermal co-simulation with CST EM STUDIO™ o Magnetostatic simulation for realistic biasing of ferrites • Workflow integration o Interface with AWR Microwave Office® circuit simulation o Interface with Aglient EEsof ADS o Interface with Mician uWave Wizard mode matching code o Import of multi-layer structures from Cadence, Zuken, Mentor Graphics o Interfaces with industry standard CAD tools o Export of s-parameters, touchstone files and spice models • New flexible subgridding scheme • Hardware acceleration for Time Domain solver • Distributed computing scheme for fast optimisation and parameter studies