Capability Brochure

This eight-panel folding brochure highlights the products and capabilities of the American Microwave family of companies. Products include solid-state switches, attenuators, DLVAs, phase shifters, amplifiers, filters, switched filter banks and integrated assemblies. Machine shop and clean room facilities are also detailed. Handy pocket panel houses the latest product data sheets and company announcements.

American Microwave Corp.,
Frederick, MD (301) 662-4700,

Military Brochure

This brochure highlights the company’s booster amplifiers that are designed for tactical military radios, electronic warfare and ECM/ECCM. Designed for use with single- or multi-band tactical radios within the 30 to 512 MHz range, this family of amplifiers is compatible with virtually every military device worldwide. These amplifiers are adaptable to vehicular, fixed site, airborne and man-portable configurations. The KMW2030 and KMW2050 are JITC certified.

AR Worldwide Modular RF,
Bothell, WA (425) 485-9000,

Product and Capabilities Brochure

This 12-page brochure highlights the product lines and capabilities of Chelton Microwave – Continental Division. From design and manufacture of waveguide components and complex integrated waveguide assemblies to repair and overhaul of the same, this division offers complete solutions for military and aerospace applications.

Chelton Microwave – Continental Division,
Exeter, NH (603) 775-5200,

Product Brochure

This brochure highlights the company’s new thin-film microwave manufacturing services including custom and build-to-print. CTT’s facility was specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of hybrid microwave integrated circuit manufacturing conforming to MIL-PRF-38534C. The company has developed an automated and optimized thin-film hybrid manufacturing process especially suited to the production of microwave integrated circuits using chip and wire bond techniques.

CTT Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 541-0596,

Product Brochure

This brochure presents the company’s recently-expanded line of MIL-PRF-39012 QPL connectors and MIL-PRF-55339 adapters. This line now includes over 220 QPL configurations in the BNC, N, SMA and TNC series. The M39012 QPL connectors are available in a wide range of cable connector configurations with clamp, crimp and solder type cable attachments, as well as bulkhead- and panel-mounted receptacles. The company’s M55339 QPL adapters include with- and between-series types in BNC and N interfaces.

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.,
Beverly, MA (978) 927-1060,

Product Catalog

This catalog details the company’s capabilities in the design and manufacture of RF microwave connectors and cable assemblies. The company is a provider of high quality, standard and special RF and microwave connectors, adapters, blindmate interconnecting components and cable assemblies for use in military applications and commercial microwave, RF and wireless industry components. Information on quote requests, ordering information and product warranty are also provided.

Dynawave Inc.,
Haverhill, MA (978) 469-0555,

Amplifier Systems and Modules

This catalog contains RF and microwave solid-state amplifiers in module and rack-mount system configurations for the military, aerospace, medical and commercial markets worldwide. Depending on the configuration, frequencies range from 10 kHz to 24 GHz. Output power levels run from 1 to 2500 W. The Empower ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Program assures consistent performance and high reliability.

Empower RF Systems,
Inglewood, CA (310) 412-8100,

Defense Systems Brochure

As defense and homeland security systems move up in frequency and down in budget, companies turn to Endwave Defense Systems. Advanced technology, quick time-to-market and consistent, high quality manufacturing are the hallmarks of the company’s business philosophy. The brochure features its library of circuit building blocks that can customize nearly any integrated assembly imaginable.

Endwave Defense Systems,
Sunnyvale, CA and Diamond Springs, CA
(408) 522-3170,

Product Catalog

This catalog displays the company’s solid, innovative and sophisticated RF, microwave and millimeter-wave components and subsystems used by the defense and aerospace industries. Based in Lancaster, PA, the company has nine manufacturing facilities that offer design, development and manufacture of microwave technology solutions worldwide.

Herley Industries Inc.,
Lancaster, PA (717) 735-8117,

Defence Solutions

This brochure features the company’s wide range of products and services that provide the platform to build modern defence systems. Uncertain conditions, extreme environments and challenging operational demand the highest quality. Many years of experience in development and production of cables, connectors and assembled cable systems guarantee optimized solutions – even for complex and ambitious projects.

Herisau, Switzerland +44 71 353 4111,

Product Catalog

This edition of the catalog features the latest information on the company’s broad range of RF and microwave filter products for defense electronics and telecommunications, including integrated assemblies and a wide assortment of lumped component, cavity, ceramic and suspended substrate filters.

K&L Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424,

RF/Microwave Filters and Multiplexers Catalog

This 114-page catalog contains the company’s ISO 9001-certified RF and microwave filters that offer an extensive product mix with filters and multiplexers ranging from 100 kHz to 18 GHz. These products are currently being used in digital and analog wireless communications systems, test equipment and military systems. Typcially, samples can be shipped within 10 working days.

Lark Engineering Co.,
San Juan Capistrano, CA (949) 240-1233,

Product Catalog

This catalog features the company’s design and manufacture of sophisticated defense related components and subsystems. The catalog displays microwave and digital design manufacturing from 20 MHz to 96 GHz. It utilizes and combines advanced concepts in the design and manufacturing of analog RF/microwave and digital signal processing. The catalog also highlights RF/microwave products and designs, analog and digital signal processing for EW and ECM applications, digital RF memory, and test and measurement.

LNX Corp.,
Salem, NH (603) 898-6800,

RF and Microwave Filter Catalog

This catalog includes the company’s complete line of RF and microwave filter products. Also featured in this new edition are integrated filter assemblies, which include switched filters and filter amplifiers. Other RF products included are phase comparators, manual and digital phase shifters, voltage-controlled phase shifters, voltage-controlled attenuators and broadband mixers.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100,

Product Solutions Guide

This product solutions guide contains information on over 1000 standard microwave and RF products. It contains parameters for each part number organized by product category. RoHS-compliant products and off-the-shelf distribution products are noted for easy reference. Most standard products can be up-screened to meet defense and space applications or parts can be customized to meet certain specifications.

Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266,

Product Catalog

This redesigned catalog features the company’s standard product data sheets and useful application notes. Standard products include RF/microwave mixers, doublers, multipliers and specialty components up to 65 GHz. Outline drawings, including information about new surface-mount packaging technology and performance specifications are provided for each component. E-mail: to request a copy.

Marki Microwave,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4200,

Product Introduction Guide

This new product introduction guide contains a wide variety of new information on JAN-Products, high power PIN diodes greater than 1200 V, new spice models for limiters, Schottky diodes featuring bridge quads, ZBD detector diodes, and P type Schottkys and mixers. Epi wafer capability for three, four and five inch wafers, as well as Polysilicon coating, is also highlighted.

MicroMetrics Inc.,
Londonderry, NH (603) 641-3800,

Components Catalog CD-ROM

This catalog CD-ROM features the company’s cast components and other passive waveguide products. The CD also highlights the company’s commitment to total control for perfection, engineering capabilities, quality manufacturing capabilities and guaranteed reliability.

Microwave Development Laboratories–MDL,
Needham Heights, MA (800) 383-8057,

Millimeter-wave Technology and Design

This catalog features the company’s millimeter-wave technology and design products for applications that operate in the frequency range from 18 to 300 GHz. The MMW Product Division designs, develops and manufactures everything from individual components to complete systems for use in satellite, scientific, military and commercial applications. A wide variety of amplifiers, isolators, mixers, antennas, multipliers and switches make up the company’s standard product catalog.

Millitech Inc.,
Northampton, MA (413) 582-9620,

Company and Range Brochure

This comprehensive brochure contains valuable information about the company and its design capabilities. Key advantages offered by the company’s portfolio are explained including power density, the dual-band solution, five-year warranty, upgrade facility and the use of interface technologies and integrated Ethernet USB and RS-232 protocols. Application guidelines are covered and the Series 2000 design concept is explained.

Isle of Wight, UK +44 1983 618004,

Product Catalog

The Narda catalog 400 features the company’s full line of active and passive products. This active product line includes both space and non-space amplifiers, multipliers and converters. Passive products include both space and non-space filters, diplexers, multiplexers, ferrite components and standard base station products, including band pass and duplex filters and integrated assemblies. Narda Microwave-West is ISO 9001 certified.

Narda Microwave-West,
a division of L-3 Communications,
Folsom, CA (916) 351-4500,

RF and Microwave Filters

This catalog features the company’s full line of RF and microwave filter products. The catalog highlights high reliability filters, multiplexers and switched filter banks that cover DC to 50 GHz and are tailored to meet the military market. To request a complimentary copy, e-mail:

Reactel Inc.,
Gaithersburg, MD (301) 519-3660,

Software Tools Brochure

This brochure features the company’s wide range of electromagnetic simulation software tools. The product line includes: XFDTD, the finite difference time domain analysis package, Wireless Insite, a UTD-based urban and terrain propagation tool, and the XGTD software solution for more general UTD antenna and propagation analyses.

Remcom Inc.,
State College, PA (814) 861-1299,

Product Brochure

The “Handset Solutions” product brochure showcases the company’s wide range of specialty materials for handset applications. This literature features high performance foams, electroluminescent lighting and advanced circuit materials. These materials are used in a multitude of handheld device applications. For ease of use, each specialty material is color-coded to correspond to a table listing both its features and benefits.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 779-5597,

Radiocommunications Catalog 2006/2007

This brand-new catalog in CD-ROM format provides a comprehensive guide to all of the manufacturer’s current equipment and systems. Reflecting the company’s position as a leading supplier of professional radiocommunications equipment for mission-critical environments, included are: solutions for global communications, tactical communications, LOS communications and avionics equipment, together with system processor and software.

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH,
Munich, Germany +49 180 512 4242,

Product Catalog Rotary Joints

This catalog displays the company’s wide product range that includes high quality RF rotary joints and slip rings mainly used in military and civilian radar systems. In addition to the company’s standard products, it also offers customized designs to satisfy specific requirements. SPINNER is based in Munich and has subsidiaries and representatives in over 40 countries worldwide.

Munich, Germany (+49) 89 / 12601-0,

High Performance Solutions

This newly updated catalog covers high performance microwave interconnect solutions to 50 GHz for defense and aerospace applications: phase stable, low loss and miniature flexible assemblies; semi-rigid cable and assemblies; capabilities; custom applications and solutions; and case studies. Product selection grids, performance graphs, tables, charts, tutorials, photos, and ordering and service information are also included.

Storm Products–Microwave Group,
Woodridge, IL (630) 754-3300,

Resistive Components Catalog

This 24-page catalog provides specifications and outline drawings for some of the company’s most popular fixed coaxial and chip attenuators as well as coaxial terminations. QPL attenuators to MIL-A-3933/14, /16, /18 and /25 are included, as well as QPL terminations to M39030/3. It also includes short circuit terminations and resistance cards.

SV Microwave Inc.,
West Palm Beach, FL (561) 840-1800,

Short Form Catalog

This short form catalog highlights the company’s millimeter-wave (MMW) products that include a complete line of components from 18 to 110 GHz. The millimeter-wave product availability includes low noise amplifiers, medium/high power amplifiers, mixers, detectors, Gunn oscillators and VCOs, frequency multipliers, pin switches and attenuators, isolators and circulators, and custom subassemblies.

Haverhill, MA (978) 521-7300,

The Wire and Cable Book

Recently revised and expanded, The Wire and Cable Book showcases the company’s extensive lines of MIL-qualified and commercial products, ranging from sophisticated, high performance coaxial cables to rugged, severe-environment aerospace wires and cables, including MaxFlite 100 Base-T Ethernet cable for inflight data systems.

Wallingford, CT (203) 284-9610,

Test Cable Brochure

This brochure features the company’s heavy-duty armored SilverLine™ TuffGrip™ test cable series for wireless infrastructure and wireless Internet cell site RF field testing applications. These test cables employ a robust hand grip at the system test end enabling the user to apply as much hand resistance as necessary to make or break heavily weatherproofed RF connections quickly and easily without the use of wrenches and without damaging the test cable.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8400,

Military and Space Products

This product brochure highlights the company’s military and space products for high reliability, defense, security and aerospace applications. Products include: QPL clocks, crystal oscillators, voltage-controlled crystal oscillators, temperature-controlled crystal oscillators, oven-controlled crystal oscillators, voltage-controlled SAW filters, frequency translation, SAW filters, crystal filters, and QPL and precision crystals.

Vectron International,
Hudson, NH (888) 328-7661,