NEW YORK, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 21, 2007 - RF Micro Devices, (NASDAQ GS: RFMD), a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance radio frequency systems and solutions, announced at its analyst day today that it has shipped its 100 millionth POLARIS(tm) TOTAL RADIO(tm) RF solution. RFMD is a leading supplier of cellular RF solutions, and the 100 millionth POLARIS RF solution was shipped to a leading handset manufacturer. Bob Bruggeworth, president and CEO of RFMD, said, "The milestone of our 100 millionth POLARIS RF solution comes approximately three years after we began shipments of our first cellular RF solution, POLARIS 1. This achievement is especially gratifying as it occurs concurrently with the production ramp of our newest RF solution, POLARIS 3, which we forecast will extend multiple years and support meaningful revenue and earnings growth for RFMD. In fact, based on current customer forecasts for our POLARIS 2 and POLARIS 3 RF solutions, we expect the next 100 million POLARIS shipments will happen significantly faster than the first 100 million." RFMD is number one in RF. RFMD's POLARIS RF solutions include the power amplifier, switch, filter, DC-to-DC converter, transceiver and other functions critical to the performance of the cellular handset. POLARIS 3 delivers the industry's highest levels of RF functionality, and production volumes of POLARIS 3 are expected to increase sequentially throughout calendar year 2008. With the ramp of POLARIS 3, RFMD is increasing its dollar content in cellular RF. RFMD's POLARIS RF solutions command approximately three times the dollar content of EDGE cellular front ends.