What: New revision of the established catalog provides detailed product and application information on Agilent's latest solutions for photonic testing of next-generation low-cost optical devices, as well as on digital microwave solutions for characterization of high-speed devices. The catalog covers photonic and transceiver measurement solutions that offer industry-leading performance for fastest time-to-market in next-generation photonics and efficient network maintenance through reduced costs and increased integration. It is structured in two volumes: Vol 1: General Photonic Test, Pub no. 5989-6753EN Vol 2: Transceiver Test, Pub. Number: 5989-6754EN Where: www.agilent.com/find/lwcatalog Media/ Analysts: For any additional questions about Agilent's Lightwave Catalog 2007/2008 or other test instruments, contact Janet Smith at +1 970 679 5397 or janet_smith@agilent.com to set up a specific meeting time.