Modelithics Inc. has released a powerful and feature-rich NLD Library™ (Non-Linear Diode) for Applied Wave Research Microwave Office, with a strong collection of well-documented models for improved microwave design simulation. The library consists of models for Schottky, varactor and PIN diodes from leading diode manufacturers like Infineon, M/A-COM, Microsemi, On-Semi and Toshiba. Models for other diodes, including step recovery diode (SRD) models, are available through special ordering. Unique features include substrate scaling and temperature dependence. Substrate scalable diode models are valid over a continuous range of substrate thickness and dielectric constant. Temperature dependent models include applicability over a wide range of operating temperatures. The models, which now fully integrate with AWR MWO, incorporate bias-dependent factors to describe non-linear I-V and C-V characteristics. They also predict harmonics and reflect variations with RF power, validated using gain compression and harmonic measurements.

Customers who purchase Modelithics Platinum Maintenance receive free updates, including all new diodes added to the library over the next year. The MWO NLD library complements Modelithics’ extensive CLR Library™ of surface-mount capacitor, inductor and resistor models already available for Microwave Office. These models help designers meet stringent schedule and technical requirements for PCB and multi-layer board designs.