LOWELL, Massachusetts, April 23, 2007 Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC today announced an exclusive agreement with Accelonix of Europe. Accelonix, a supplier of microelectronics capital equipment and services will distribute Auriga’s product line in France, Portugal, and Spain. “I’ve known the Accelonix team for many years and am thrilled to be working with them again. Their professionalism and dedication to their customers’ success is second to none,” said Ted Lewis, director of sales & marketing for Auriga. The Accelonix business model of full-solution service and support will now include Auriga’s high-frequency and high-powered test products and services for the RF microwave market sector. “Because of today’s complex business environment, we’ve adapted to what our customers have been asking us for… a complete solution – consulting, services, support, and equipment,” said Jonathan Hall, managing director of Accelonix France. Hall continued, “Accelonix is being asked to engage much earlier in the semiconductor manufacturing process and Auriga is perfect for supporting our customers in this space. Auriga’s design, modeling, characterization and custom product test offerings will help us meet our customers’ needs.” About Auriga Measurement Systems LLC Auriga Measurement Systems is a manufacturer & service provider of custom automated test equipment & components. Auriga believes that the close link between measurement science and device physics is critical to improving the current state of device modeling, and that a sound understanding of the basic physics of current active devices is mandatory to the delivery of cutting-edge modeling, characterization and test-systems solutions. Auriga provides improved test, characterization and modeling solutions for high-frequency, high-powered, complex RF microwave front-ends, allowing its customers to benefit from the Auriga team’s more than 150-years experience of delivering time & cost-efficient solutions to the industry’s leading RF/Microwave users. Auriga’s lab and manufacturing facility is based in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. Please visit Auriga at www.auriga-ms.com. About Accelonix Group The Accelonix Group of companies is a solution provider for test applications in electronic production and development environments with particular expertise in EMC/RF, high technology fields of automated test equipment, and automated microelectronics assembly equipment. The Accelonix Group has offices in France, UK, Netherlands, Spain, North Africa and most recently in China. Accelonix can be reached at info@accelonix.com or www.accelonix.com.