North Attleboro, MA, April 12, 2007: Mini-Systems, Inc., (MSI), Thin Film Division has developed 40GHz RF / Microwave resistor terminators. The WAMT and MSMW line of chip terminators are manufactured using MSI’s superior processes and materials to produce resistors with ultra-low parasitic capacitance and inductance. These designs were developed primarily for use in applications where the resistor terminator is placed in the same plane as the associated circuitry, thus reducing parasitic inductance and capacitance. Precision high-frequency LASER trimming techniques produce superior high-frequency resistors. The WAMT and MSMW line of chip resistors are offered in a (0.020” x 0.010”) with resistor values from 3 Ω to 400 Ω. Other Standard sizes are available upon request with values between 2 Ω – 5 KΩ. Tolerances from ±0.02%, TCR’s to ±10ppm/°C, and with TC tracking of ±2ppm°C. Resistor noise characteristics are better then -30dB with stray capacitance less then 0.02pF. Terminations are designed for solder reflow or conductive-epoxy attachment methods. Also recently added to the non-microwave chip resistor line is our MSMR series with dimensions of (0.012” x 0.009”), where size is CRITICAL!