CSR plc announced it has chosen Anritsu's MT8852B EDR test set for integration into its "Bluetooth Characterization Systems" for automated testing of standard rate and EDR Bluetooth devices. The MT8852B is the first Bluetooth EDR test set to fully implement v2.0 standard test mode signaling. This will expedite the test and verification of new designs from CSR. Measurements made with the MT8852B are more than 10 times faster than with previous EDR tests, further accelerating time to market for devices using CSR's market-leading chips.

Close collaboration between engineers from both companies has ensured seamless interoperation between the MT8852B and CSR's proven BlueCore4 silicon. Measurements supported include EDR relative power, EDR frequency stability and modulation (DEVM), and EDR sensitivity. With the selection of the MT8852B, CSR's customers are able to make radio layer measurements in an automated fashion using test mode signaling.

Angus Robinson, Anritsu marketing manager, commented, "Being market leaders in Bluetooth testing, Anritsu is delighted that CSR has selected the MT8852B for its characterization systems. The proven interoperability with BlueCore4 technology means manufacturers of products using CSR's silicon have access to a test solution that will greatly increase their production efficiency."

To facilitate integration of the MT8852B into high volume manufacturing lines, Anritsu will supply the test set with BlueTest2 production test software. BlueTest2 creates and executes automated test scripts enabling a complete production test for standard and EDR rates to be completed in less than 10 seconds.

Device manufacturers are increasingly choosing Bluetooth+EDR chips for new product designs to benefit from the higher data rates offered. This has resulted in the need to update test systems to ensure product quality is maintained. With the introduction of the Anritsu MT8852B, manufacturers can now develop test systems that meet their needs for speed and quality.

John Ferguson, head of characterization for CSR, said, "Anritsu has produced a fast and cost-effective test solution for CSR's BlueCore4 technology incorporating EDR. The test solution is the first of its kind and will allow a much faster test verification process. CSR is constantly trying to improve its design process with Anritsu's partnership providing a valuable contribution to CSR based products getting to market faster."