LOS ANGELES, APEX 2007, Feb. 20, 2007 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced Agilent Medalist VTEP v2.0, a suite of vectorless test techniques that includes the new Network Parameter Measurement technology. Including Network Parameter Measurement technology in this test technique is a world-first. It allows users to detect opens on power and ground pins on connectors -- something that many industry players had conceded as beyond existing test capabilities. Proper grounding is becoming increasingly crucial with higher on-board signal speeds, for example on PCIe, DDR and SATA connectors. With increased speeds, opens on ground pins may lead to lowered signal integrity design margins, increased bit-error rates (BER) and increased radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI). Agilent's VTEP v2.0 is designed to help manufacturers detect these critical defects, which could escape detection right through functional test and product shipment, resulting in costly liability to manufacturers at a later stage. Also with VTEP v2.0, users get the benefit of the original VTEP technology, which has higher sensitivities and better noise reduction, as well as iVTEP, which is targeted at ultra-small integrated circuit packages with minimal or no lead frames. iVTEP also works for devices with heat-spreaders and even those with attached heat-sinks. "VTEP v2.0 brings to the table the best that vectorless testing has to offer," said NK Chari, Agilent's marketing manager for in-circuit test. "With the original VTEP technology as its core and strengthened by key innovations like our award-winning iVTEP and the new Network Parameter Measurement technology, VTEP v2.0 gives users a much bigger picture on what they have been missing in terms of vectorless test coverage. "We want manufacturers to access this valuable innovation, which we believe will offer new levels of coverage unseen before -- that is why we are offering VTEP v2.0 free-of-charge with all new Medalist i3070 systems," added Chari. Agilent is also introducing today the Medalist i3070 in-circuit test system for printed circuit board assembly. For more on the Medalist i3070, see www.agilent.com/about/newsroom/presrel/2007/20feb-em07014.html.