LOWELL, Massachusetts, February 26, 2007 Auriga Measurement Systems, LLC announced today that it has entered into a multi-year research project with Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. “The cutting-edge work at Delft University in RF characterization / modeling is right in line with our strategic product initiatives. By engaging with the Delft institute, DIMES, not only will we accelerate our technology, but also give something back to the engineering community,” stated Larry Smith, director of measurement systems for Auriga and project manager for this effort. Auriga hopes to have the University’s initial efforts on display at the MTT show in Hawaii this year. “Auriga is going to be a great partner for us at DIMES,” said Leo de Vreede, associate professor in High Frequency Technology and Components. He continued, “We share a common view on application driven RF characterization tools and already in this early stage Auriga has supported us with equipment, software and expertise. This yields an important acceleration of our research in the exciting area of dedicated measurement and model solutions for the cellular and base station market. It also enables us to expand our already extensive characterization infrastructure with the newest equipment. Relationships like the one with Auriga are paramount to the DIMES educational program and advancements in leading the technological academic field.” About Auriga Measurement Systems LLC Auriga Measurement Systems is a manufacturer & service provider of custom automated test equipment & components. Auriga believes that the close link between measurement science and device physics is critical to improving the current state of device modeling, and that a sound understanding of the basic physics of current active devices is mandatory to the delivery of cutting-edge modeling, characterization and test-systems solutions. By providing improved test, characterization and modeling solutions for high-frequency, high-powered, complex RF microwave front-ends, Auriga’s customers benefit from the Auriga team’s more than 150-years experience of delivering time & cost-efficient solutions to the industry’s leading RF/Microwave users. Auriga’s lab and manufacturing facility is based in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. About University of Delft Delft University of Technology is The Netherlands’ foremost research university in technology. Over the years it has been developing research foci, unified laboratories and graduate studies in topics of great scientific and societal significance. In particular, it has set up DIMES as a large central facility to support advanced research and education in nano-electronics with an emphasis on high-frequencies, 3D processing, micro-systems and large area electronics. The current status of high frequency characterization in Delft is the outcome of various long term projects on device innovation sponsored by leading semiconductor foundries including: Philips, NXP, Infineon, Skyworks, TI and IBM.