METUCHEN, New Jersey. -- September 27, 2006 -- Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc, the leader in Wi-Fi test equipment, releases a new wideband BumbleBee-EX for handheld and rugged Wi-MAX spectrum analysis. Berkeley has added a new model to its popular BumbleBee™ receiver line-up to support Wi-MAX spectrum analysis. BumbleBee-EX™ handheld receiver measures between 2.0-4.0 & 4.9-5.9 GHz, perfect for studying and logging 802.16 Wi-MAX, 802.11b/a/g Wi-Fi, VoIP, Public Safety Band and Bluetooth RF interference. BumbleBee-EX™ is the only true handheld and ruggedized testing tool providing powerful spectrum analysis functionality in combination with in-the-field portability. Color, touch-screen user interface and ruggedized water-resistant casing compliment the EX’s powerful RF spectrum analysis features. BumbleBee™ is a precision spectrum analyzer series that allows installers, engineers and technicians to measure a variety of bands for network installation, coverage and RF interference analysis. The touch screen allows field engineers to tap on points of interest in the waveform and drill down for further analysis. Advanced spectrum analysis features include 3 WAVEFORM TRACES, PEAK HOLD, PEAK SEARCH, and user selectable PACKET / INTERFERENCE TRIGGERS. Recent feature updates also include SPECTROGRAM, HISTOGRAM & RF INTERFERENCE ID ASSIST screens as well as comprehensive data logging/filtering and convenient RF band presets. Optional Direction Finding antenna kits are available for locating and pinpointing specific sources of RF energy interference. BumbleBee™ allows for on-the-fly switching of bands for realtime spectral analysis of many wireless standards including VoIP, 802.11(b/a/g & Bluetooth), Wi-MAX, cordless phones/video and broadband public safety data networks.